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Private Scholarship Application Procedure

(1) There are two kinds of scholarships in Osaka University.
A. One that requires direct application to the foundation.
B. One that requires a recommendation from Osaka University. (Selection is required on campus).

(2) If you apply directly to the foundation (A), please apply individually.
If we have information about scholarships that apply directly to the foundation, We will post it at KOAN Bulletin Board.
We don’t inform by e-mail. Please pay attention to the KOAN Bulletin Board.

(3) If you apply for the scholarship that requires a recommendation from Osaka University (B), hand in the documents as below to the C.I.A. office.

Document you need to hand in every time:

  • ・Application Form
  • Excel

Documents you need to hand in once in every academic year:

  • (For those starting the academic year in April, your submitted document is valid until March 31 next year. For those starting the academic year in October, your submitted document is valid until September 31 next year.)
  • 1.Applicant data (Form 1)
  • (Japanese version)Word
  • (English version)Word
  • 2.List of publications and Description of your research (Form 2)
  • Word
※If you are an undergraduate student, describe your research interests.

3.Official transcript(s) from Osaka University and/or your old school(s).

First-year undergraduate students none (spring term)
transcript from spring term (fall term)
Second- to fourth-year undergraduate students All of your undergraduate transcripts
Research Students Transcript from your old school
Master's course students Your Master's course transcript (If not available, your undergraduate course transcript)
Doctoral course students Your doctoral course transcript (If not available, your Master’s course transcript)

4.Notification of Acceptance to Osaka University (when applicable)
icon Please be careful with the following points.
Make sure that you have your supervisor’s comments and signature on your applicant data (Form 1).

If you wish to update the list of publications or the description of research (Form 2), you can modify these at any time during the semester and submit the updated version to the C.I.A. office.

Make sure that you are the right applicant for the foundation every time before you submit the application form.


Tuition Fee Exemption

If you have difficulty paying the tuition fee and also meet the minimal academic criteria, you can apply for a tuition fee exemption and/or enrollment fee exemption.
If you are selected, you will be exempted from all or part of the tuition/enrollment fee.
Please do not assume that your application will be automatically approved; the number of accepted applicants has declined over the past few years.

 Application Deadline
Spring Semester: The end of March
Fall Semester: The end of September
If you need detailed information, contact International Student Section.

Honors Scholarship by JASSO

Honors Scholarships to privately financed international students have been provided by JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization).

Graduate students: 48,000 yen /month
Undergraduate students: 48,000 yen /month

12 months (From April to March)

 Application Procedure
Your department office will provide notification.
Please pay attention to the KOAN Bulletin Board.
The application period should be in mid-to-late April every year.

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