FUJITA, Kiyoshi
Profrssor (Director of C.I.A.)

TERAI, Tomoyuki
Associate Professor

My name is Tomoyuki Terai, and I have worked at C.I.A. since April 2012. I am also a faculty member of the Division of Materials and Manufacturing Science (DMMS). My specialties are shape-memory alloys and magnetic oxide. I am an alumnus of Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka University, and I have supervised many international students in my research group. If you have some troubles with your study or life, please ask me and do not hesitate. I am looking forward to seeing you at C.I.A.

HORI, Sayaka
Assistant Professor

Dr Sayaka Hori is an assistant professor at the Center for International Affair Office at the Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University. She supervises private scholarships especially for international students, developing overseas training programs for undergraduate students, the SEEDS program, and three classes. One is “Introduction of International Understandings.” (This course will rename “Introduction of Global Environmental Studies” in 2024.) If students are interested in her research area, please take this class. As a researcher, she has a PhD. in Global Environmental Studies from Kyoto University. The research interest is Sustainable Water Governance and raising awareness for achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Water sector. She is also developing a water educational program using Augmented Reality (AR) to promote local water education. Her research interests are in Japan, East Asia, and Europe.

Her office hours are Monday, Tuesday (8:30 to 11:30), and Wednesday (13:30 to 15:00 only in remote). Please make an appointment before you visit the office.

* May 2022, An article by Assistant Professor Sayaka Hori was published in Newspaper.* This is a member-only article. The link of the article is here.

* February 2023, This is local water newspaper in Suita city where Suita campus located. This article is about the class of Introduction of International Understandings in 2023. Please check the link here.

Assistant Professor

My name is Maho Nakahashi, and I started to work here in December 2013.
I would like to help international and Japanese students based on my own experiences abroad and with different cultures.
Our doors are always open for you. I will be waiting for your visit!

Assistant Staff
KATO, Mayumi
Assistant Staff

Hello. My name is Mayumi Kato. I have a respect for your will to studies and research. I would like to support you in your efforts to concentrate on research. Please come to our Center if you have any questions about your daily lives.

Assistant Staff

Hello, I am Tsukasa Hamaguchi. I started working at the Center for International Affairs in June 2016. Earlier in my life, when studying a language abroad, I found that I could directly experience cultural diversity. I learned that things could be seen from various angles, and I consider such hands-on experiences to be extremely valuable. The Center hosts events at which international and Japanese students can mingle, and also provides various other opportunities to facilitate international exchange on campus. Please come and see us!

Assistant Staff

Hello, I am Kimiko Hakomori. I have been in America for 6 years, German and Austria for a while. For that, I am very intersted in touching different cultures. I surely understand your hesitation to open the new door of your life such as studying abroad becasue facing on new things, we sometimes feel fear and helplessness. However, without taking new actions, I am sure we never get a chance to create our own life. Here, the Center for International Affairs, you can find any oppotunity to find what you want to do in your life. We always welcome and encaurage you to explore the new world. Please come to our office and talk with us about your story!

Assistant Staff

Hello, I am Naoko Sakakibara, and I started working at our Center in April 2023. I would be happy to help international and Japanese students to have more experiences of cross-cultural exchange. Please feel free to visit our Center!