Studying Japanese

Studying Japanese

In order to help students at the Graduate School of Engineering to improve their Japanese ability specific to their academic field, C.I.A. offers three types of Japanese classes.

Scientific/engineering Japanese for presentations

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to give a presentation introducing their research to scientists and engineers in other fields. You will learn words and expressions that are commonly used in scientific presentations. You will also learn about PowerPoint slides and practice speaking so that your presentations become more effective and understandable.

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Survival Japanese Course

This course is offered for international students and researchers who belong to the School or Graduate School of Engineering. This course covers very basic Japanese; the aim of the course is to develop survival-level proficiency in the areas of speaking and listening, enabling the student to carry out everyday activities of life in Japan. We offer three sessions: spring, summer, fall and winter.
(ATTENTION!) Each session (Spring, Summer, fall, winter) will cover the same contents.

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Japanese courses offered by CIEE for pre-enrolled students

For international students engaged to enroll in a Master's or Doctoral course at the Graduate School of Engineering, the Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE), Osaka University offers some Japanese Language Programs.

Other Japanese courses available near Osaka University

In addition to the Japanese courses offered by Osaka University (C.I.A and CIEE), various Japanese courses are offered by local governments and international associations.

  1. Suita Inter-people Friendship Association offers Japanese classes at three levels (introductory, elementary, and pre-intermediate). Those classes are held from Monday to Saturday, day and night, so a convenient time can be chosen from many options. The classes are free of charge.
  2. Toyonaka International Center offers various types of courses for conversation, reading, and writing. Some of the classes charge a small fee.
  3. Nishiyamada A-I-U-E-O offer different types of courses on conversation and kanji, free of charge at Nishiyamada City Hall.