Q1. Can I receive both an Honors Scholarship and a private scholarship?

You can receive both scholarships only under these two conditions below.

① The amount of the private scholarship is not higher than the Honors Scholarship.
② The private scholarship permits you to receive another scholarship.

Q2. I'm a non-regular student. Do I have a chance to get any scholarships?

Honors Scholarship by JASSO
According to the policy of Osaka University, you have to be a regular student to apply for the Honors Scholarship.

Private Scholarships
Many of the scholarships are for regular students, but you can still find some that include non-regular students. Please pay attention to the scholarship notices. If you pass the entrance examination, have a letter of acceptance, and can prove that you will be a regular student from April or October, you can apply as a regular student.

Q3. I have a recommendation from Osaka University. While I wait for the final decision from the foundation, can I apply for another scholarship?

No, you cannot apply for any scholarships until you receive the final decision from the foundation.

Q4. I get paid from an educational program. Can I still apply for a private scholarship?

Yes, you can, although your financial condition will be taken into consideration when we select. However, you can still have a chance of receiving a smaller amount, so keep your eyes on the notices regarding each scholarship.

Q5. I am mainly at the Toyonaka campus and I don't think I can come to the Suita campus to hand in the documents by deadline. What should I do?

In general, you need to come to the C.I.A. office to hand in the documents; however, if that will be too difficult, please contact us to the following number. TEL: 06-6879-4122.

Q6. I don't have a signature or comments from my supervisor. Can I still hand in the documents?

In general, you cannot. Please contact us if you were unable to get a signature or comments from your supervisor.

Q7. Which academic transcript should I prepare?

  • First-year undergraduate students -> none for spring semester; transcript from spring semester for fall semester
  • Second- to fourth-year undergraduate students -> All of your undergraduate transcripts
  • Master's course students -> All of your undergraduate and Master's course transcripts
  • Doctoral course students -> All of your Master's course and doctoral course transcripts

Q8. I don't speak Japanese. Do I still have chance to recive a private scholarship?

Many of the scholarships require Japanese skills, because the most of the foundations have interviews in Japanese. However, a few scholarships do not require any Japanese skills. Therefore, please read the notices carefully.

Q9. I have a recommendation from Osaka University. But I want to cancel it. Is that possible?

No, you cannot. Once you have a recommendation, you cannot cancel it.