What is "University recommendation" for Scholarships

The School of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka University have recommendation quotas from various foundations, companies, and organizations to become scholarship students. The scholarship information will be posted on KOAN and if you wish to apply, submit the application documents and Osaka University checks whether the student matches the ideal candidate profile required by the foundations recruiting scholarship students on campus. After the screening, the final screening will be conducted by each organization as a university recommender, and finally pass or failure will be decided.
The Center for International Affairs, graduate school of Engineering have documents screening and interviews applicants.

The flow of recommendation on campus

  • 1. Scholarship information will be posted on KOAN (as needed).
    2. If you would like to apply for the scholarship, please check the application guidelines and submit the application form to the center for International Affairs.
    * Please fill out the documents in the format. (Anyone can download the documents data from websites of the center for International Affairs).

  • 3. The documents will be screened, and the applicants have interview by the faculty members of the center for international affairs.

  • 4. After the screening, the recommender will proceed to the on-campus selection, and then, the applicants will be determined to become university recommenders or not.

  • 5. We will check the documents of the university recommender in advance, approve them, we submit them to the headquarters of Osaka University.

  • 6. After final screening of the foundation, they decide university recommenders to select scholarship students or not.