Our vision

About the meaning of our "Vision" and logo-design

The logo of the Center for International Affairs has various meanings.
The reason for using the five colors is that the Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University consists of five majors: Department of Applied Science, Department of Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Science, Department of Electric and Information Engineering, Department of Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering, and Department of Global Architecture.
Also, about 550 international students (as of January 2022) are studying at the School/ Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University. At Center for International Affairs, students take the initiative in supporting various activities aimed at respecting diverse nationalities, ethnic groups, and values, understanding, learning, and working together.

We accept different values and cultures, and at the same time, we have our own personality and uniqueness like the colorful, various and beautiful flowers. They have different colors and shapes, but by showing an attitude of mutual understanding and respect to them, it may be possible to harmonize beautifully while having different personalities. Such feelings are incorporated in the logo-design of our center.
At Center for International Affairs, not only students but also faculty and staff members are learning and working with such of the vision.